Remove the Emma Sansom Statue or place it at another location

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We, the citizens of Gadsden and Etowah County, strongly support the removal of The Emma Sansom Statue or relocation to a progressively educational institution. We understand she played a role in the history of our city and represents a memory to those that went to or graduated from Emma Sansom High School. But, the historical event she signifies is no longer a representation of where our town, and our state, should be evolving toward - one of inclusivity of all local citizens regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

We do not seek to erase history. Emma will remain part of our memory, taught to our citizens and represented in history books, museums and wherever she is located.

However, we have long told our African American brothers and sisters that slavery is part of the past and we are evolving as their peers and equals in the community. Yet, we continue to celebrate monuments that  commemerate the civil war and slavery. Yes, this is a part of our history, but it does not need to be a signifier of our future. We believe that the presence of Emma, and the part she played leading to a victory of the South, is detrimental is showing our alliance with people of color in our community.

We believe it is time to move forward. It is time to create a more inclusive space for all citizens. It is time for Gadsden to acknowledge our past without constant reminders of racism that has systemically carried on in our community for generations.

We want to celebrate our community and our differences to create a place of love and support. Not only for today but for future generations that will continue to develop and care for the city of Gadsden.