Mosquito Management Plan for Liverpool City Council - SAY NO TO MOSQUITO - Georges River

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Residents along Georges River (namely, Chipping Norton, Moorebank, Hammondville, Wattle Grove, Liverpool, Milperra) has made several attempts to bring their concerns arising from the increase of mosquitos to the Council's attention since last year. 

  • thousands of mosquitos are collected each night from each room regardless of the protection to prevent them 
  • unable to walk around and enjoy nature / outdoor recreational areas or tracks 
  • struggling to maintain private outdoor spaces with increasing mosquitos 
  • schools and parks are also affected, alarming when some are allergic, and health conditions are deteriorating 
  • Mosquitos allegedly swamp Liverpool hospital
  • neglected reserves and public areas; poor conditions encouraging breeding
  • several in the area reported with ross virus 
  • residents forced to take the matter into their own hands, pile burnings in small enclosures

Despite several complaints, Liverpool City Council ("the Council") has not appropriately responded to anyone. At one instance when a resident questioned on what the Council is going to do about the recent virus reported in the area, the Council responded directing the responsibility on controlling mosquitos to NSW Health. And almost every other time, the Council inform that it is investigating, and such has been the council response since 2018. It is understood that residents alongside Georges River under the City of Canterbury Bankstown are facing similar issues. 

When NSW Health was contacted, a prompt response was received. They confirmed they could not impose mosquito management plans in the area, and it is for the Council to ensure this. However, NSW Health will report possible threats to them timely. They also noted the last time someone complained to NSW Health. They saw no action from the Council to address the issue. 

We have been deprived of enjoying our backyards and benefiting from our outdoor amenities such as the next-door reserves and parks due to the excessive number of mosquitos and the health hazards. This defeats the purpose of council having mandatory landscape area requirements, council rates which contributes to maintaining our reserves etc. 
Many residents in these areas are doing the best of their potential to reduce the mosquitos in their surroundings. However, there is so little we as residents or visitors could do when our reserves, swamps, rivers and other waterways that are supposedly maintained by the council are evidently neglected.

There are many cases of many harming viruses (i.e. Ross River) in the area that has since been reported the complaints, particularly in public areas such as Hospitals, Schools, Libraries are all found to be swamped by mosquitos

A formal request was made to the council (again), the Mayor and Councillors. Yet the response was, that the matter will be investigated and such would take some time (indicating that they can not respond with 48 hours, however, it is to be noted that the council had several months to investigate the same), and the Council excused themselves by adding, Mosquito Management performed in the Olympic Park area are done by the Olympic park authority (OPA) and no metro councils do anything about mosquitos. Ordinarily, we wait a while to allow the council to review and respond, however, understandably this is a health hazard, that will recur next year at double the rate and immediate action is necessary.  

There are many things a council could do in its capacity as a Council in comparison to what residents can do in their capacity as residents/neighbours. This includes a mosquito management plan, plan to maintain the reserves, and inform the public of these plans. There were many suggestions shared by the knowledgeable residents (from their experiences) including a management plan by one of the Councils in/around Townsville (QLD) that took a rather expensive measure to reduce the mosquitos and protect the residents. This was by spraying everywhere including offering to spray in every resident's home. Alternatively, OPA could be consulted, and the Council could follow their management plans. A license from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) will be required, and this is a mandate to ensure people do not go around misusing, however, it is my understanding that the Council does not even have a mosquito management plan (due to the lack of evidence of the contra) and would not have been intended on applying for a license. We hope this petition triggers the two above-mentioned councils and/or relevant departments and an action is taken quickly.  

There is also an ongoing fire hazard we face from many residents choosing the pile burn in eclosed areas, close to neighbouring properties (many using LPG cylinders) as a method to reduce the mosquitos, these are not per the guidelines (or obtaining a permit) set out by the RFS.

While the upcoming winter might reduce the mosquitos, if a management plan is not put forward it will only double in years to come.

Please note, most of these spraying is safe for children, adults and pets. There are also other alternatives that have been suggested by many informed residents (i.e. spraying, using bacteria which only harms the mosquito larvae, fogging etc) and the same was brought to the councillors attention. 

  1. This is neglect by the Liverpool City Council and City of Canterbury Bankstown; 
  2. An Environmental Issue;
  3. Health Hazard
  4. Save your children
  5. Save your pets;
  6. Save your health;
  7. Fire Hazard from neighbours pile burning; and 
  8. Save your sleep