Judge George Brown INVESTIGATED and FIRED!!!

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As a BLACK woman trust me I know this nation does not care about me or my children. However I will make enough noise until someone investigates the illegal actions of Strickland Youth Center Judge George Brown for violating the Civil Rights of women and children of Mobile Alabama.

For Years Judge George Brown of Mobile Alabama have racially profiled mainly African American mothers and their children. In the past, there have been several of complaints against him. For his own sick reasons he rules to remove kids out of their working class law abiding, some business owners mothers and place them with dads whom the children doesn't know, never seen and or owe child-support. Without any history of violence, abuse or neglect.

  Maybe Judge George Brown didn't grow up with his mother or perhaps he was abandoned by his own, however, we can not allow him to tear our families apart. 

This petition is about a mother Dana Williams from Mobile Alabama whom had been ordered by Judge Brown to give her twin daughters to their father because she did not show up in court with the twin girls. (doesn't make sense does it?) Not only is he giving full custody to their dad that the girls don't know or never seen, he has terminated Dana Williams rights as a mother.

If you take the time to research Judge Brown, this is what he does and this has been going on for some time now but nothing has changed. We are asking that change is happening starting today!

We are asking that all cases he has preceded over be investigated. In addition to that we are asking for his RESIGINITION!

Please follow the story of Dana Williams FB name Dana Dang.

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