Approve Emergency Measures to help SAG-AFTRA members financially survive Corona shutdown.

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THIS IS NOT A SCAM,WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TYPE OF MONEY/DONATIONS. We are asking for signatures to show support for members of the SAG-AFTRA Union.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the entertainment industry to a standstill. As a result, we, the members of the SAG-AFTRA Union are severely affected, facing little or no opportunity to find work within our industry. This dire situation will financially disable us artists within this industry. In this petition, we are seeking immediate support from our Union leadership. We ask them to invoke their authority to implement emergency measures that may lessen the severe consequences of this catastrophe. 

What we ask: We respectfully request a reduction in the prerequisite number of days/earnings required to achieve healthcare for 2021. In consideration of the coronavirus pandemic, payment of member base dues of $109.30 (currently due on April 30, 2020) should be waived or lessened to reflect the lack of work and, therefore lack of income, in the present situation. The April 2020 due payments should not be required by April 30 of this year, but resumed at future date assuming that measurable progress is made in resolving the crisis, and that production resumes following this dues period. We ask that this dues period, SAG-AFTRA members should only be liable to pay the 1.575% of all covered earnings up to $500,000, based on actual earnings reported in the immediately preceding calendar year.

We artists thrive as we contribute to the bigger societal picture, in large part by creating entertainment. We passionately make every effort so our shows and films can bring joy and amusement to audiences and to relieve the stress of their everyday troubles, which is even more-so a critical necessity during these troubling times. Without question, this virus has eroded away our ability to make our livelihood.

In sum, we cannot go to work, we cannot make any money, all as a result of the industry shutdown, a circumstance beyond our control as members. We ask that members of our SAG-AFTRA Union support our efforts here so that emergency measures can be taken to help us through troubling times. Please show your enthusiasm, interest, and support by adding your name to our petition, so that our financial pleas for help are promptly answered, so our return to the workplace came be resumed in the immediate future. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, SO PLEASE RESPOND NOW. THANK YOU!