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We want to save lives! The volunteers at the Orange Cove municipal pound saved almost 90% of the animals between May and December 2013. Liberty Animal Control's own numbers show that they have killed 60% of the animals that have come through their facility. Do not allow the animals of Orange Cove to be rounded up and shipped off to Liberty, where they will have no chance at rescue or adoption.

Letter to
Mayor of Orange Cove, CA Gabriel Jimenez
City Manager of Orange Cove, CA Sam Escobar
Councilmember, city of Orange Cove, CA Diana Guerra Silva
and 2 others
Councilmember, city of Orange Cove, CA Ralph Pardo
Mayor Pro-Tem, city of Orange Cove, CA Victor Lopez
Reject a contract with Liberty Animal Control. The volunteers at Orange Cove's animal shelter want to save lives. Contracting with Liberty AC to manage animal control will result in the spending of funds that could be used to create a humane animal control program within the city of Orange Cove. A sense of community is very important to the residents of Orange Cove there so let's give them a shelter they can be proud of. We need to create a solution to the problem, rather than hoping it goes away by spending money that the city does not have.