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Do not close the Berks store!

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The Berks store has been there for 27 years and its owners have created a lifestyle there. All the students at the Berkshire depend on the Berks store and even the community uses it frequently as there is a shortage of convenience stores around the area. The Berks store is going to be built into a study room (SEE UPDATE), however the building is located right next to the school where there are many more nice places to study than the Berkshire could ever offer. There is a community room in the building which is never used by the students, some of which do not even know it exists.

I am confident that building a study room goes against the wishes of almost all of the residents in the building, and will significantly decrease the attractiveness of renting an apartment there. The building itself is not in good shape and the Berks store is the only redeeming quality. Gables should at least post a survey for it's residents to vote on keeping the store or changing it, so that it can see how many students support the Berks store over a study room. If Gables wants to attract more students, they should invest in nicer gym equipment, which is in such bad shape you can hurt yourself just by using it.

Do not close the Berks store. It is more beneficial to you as a business to keep it open. The student's who you claim to be building a study room for want it open, so listen to us:

UPDATE:  The Berks store is not being changed into a study room.   After a conversation with Gables Residential I came to the understanding that the new space will consist of a deli/ small convenience store as well as a recreational area.  

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