Defend the Amazon

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Macron has added the Amazon fires to the G7 agenda to ‘discuss’, but we need action. As a global community we implore that the G7 show leadership at this crucial time in the climate and nature crisis. 

We are calling on G7 leaders to: 

> Commit to funding for organisations who are defending protected areas and fighting forest fires. 

> Commit to supporting and empowering other countries to establish trade deals that don’t cost the earth – laying the foundation for a climate and nature friendly future. 

> Commit to holding a crisis meeting with global leaders to be held at the upcoming UN General Assembly to address the destruction of the Amazon as part of tackling our climate crisis. 

> Commit to ending the importation and use of products in our supply chains that cause deforestation. 

> Commit to the protection of human and land rights of the local and indigenous communities who protect the Amazon from deforestation, fires and unethical investors.

Why is this important?

The Amazon rainforest is of huge global importance. It is home to millions of species of animals and plants – the source of many of our medicines and other vital resources. It is home to hundreds of cultures, languages, knowledge and traditions. And it is critical to locking in carbon emissions to reduce climate change. We are collectively responsible for ensuring the survival of this ancient natural wonder.

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