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Fur Trade in China

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After seeing numerous undercover videos of the Chinese Fur Trade, I am deeply saddened to learn this type of cruelty goes on.

Animals are not only forced to live in horrendous dirty, small cages but they are often skinned alive. Animals are also thrown around, beaten, killed by anal electrocution as well as "skull crushing". These methods are daily occurrences and "normal" procedure.

Animals live with numerous wounds such as broken bones and infections. During travel, several hundred animals are thrown into cages onto transport trucks. In this hard handling, many have their legs and other body parts crushed. These innocent creatures go without food and water during their journey.

Much of the faux fur sold around the world whose origin is from China, is often mislabeled and sold to customers unknown to them.

I urge consumers to boycott ALL faux fur that comes from China in an effort to deliver the message that we will not stand for such cruelty and the lies.

I urge the President of the People's Republic of China to take a stand for animal welfare and animal rights and to close down such productions. Every living being on this Earth deserves to be free of pain and cruelty.

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