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Save the Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible Line!

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Please sign this petition if you would like for Funko to release the Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon Vinyl figures, and continue making more MLP characters in the future. I am writing this petition on behalf of the My Little Pony Vinyl Collectors like myself. The goal is to save the My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible line. Hot Topic has decided to no longer carry the Funko ponies, and Funko has decided to stop producing them.

Unfortunately we may no longer see anymore Funko ponies unless we do something about it. Think about the others you would like to be released in the future like, Starlight Glimmer, King Sombra, Zecora, Sunset Shimmer, Diamond Tiara, Soarin, Tirek, Gilda, Princess Ember, and many more! The goal currently is to hit 2,000 signatures, to show that we want these back!

Every signature makes a difference please share across all social media, to help spread awareness, thank you so much we can do it! Special thanks to everyone who donated photos, some photos are my own. Be sure to use the hashtag #savethefunkoponies across social media to help spread the word. For more updates visit @AquaticNeonFunko on Instagram      

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Aquatic Neon needs your help with “Funko: Bring back the Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Collectible Line.”. Join Aquatic and 2,018 supporters today.