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chicken nugget petition 2: do or die

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ALRTIGHT YUOU FUNKE MAN IM HEAR TOT TELL YOU ONE DAMN THING. THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO THE PETITION THAT NEVEVEER EVEN NEEDED A SEQUEL. this is gonna be absolute bush baked beans compared to the lucky charms that was mcnugget petiton one. but guess what. my sword is unsheathed. your king Arthur has returned and im here for my corn. and that cron is funke eating more mcnuggets, but this time with some wasabi. not some bad quality ass anti publix propaganda wasabi toothpaste looking headass. im here for funke to eat TRUE wasabi. and im here for him to eat TRUE CHICKEN MC NUGGETS AGAIN. oh ok nvm i guess falthiere(eveyln)((eviethiere)) doesnt like the chicken mcnugget idea anymroe so i guess we are doing {{REDACTED}} ALRIGHT HERE ARE MY PERAMETERS WHEN THIS GET 100 SIGNS. NUMBUH ONE (you like that knd refrence fellow knder fans :3c?) ALRIGHT NVM WITH THE HELP OF THE ENTIRE FUNKE DISCORD SERVER(sike it WAS LIKE 2 funkaneerians) we have decided burger king. fun fact. the burger king knows sign language. this is in fact canon and it wasnt in a spinn off. ok NOW FOR THE SERIOUS BUISNEESS. ME ANDF FATHIEVIETHIERE ARE LOCKED IN OUR ANSWERS. HERE IS YOURE CHALLANGE! once this hits 100, you will have to 1: get some real ass wasabi from (online. cinister the true epic mancer said order online bcoz publix only sells fake ass wasabirs) , no off brand shit like kelloggs. 2: go to your local Burger King and order the following: a capri sun apple juice(yeah dog they sell those i did my research), one order of EPIC CHICKEN FRIES(get alot dson, you need to enjoy this meal)((also BONUS CHALLANGE!!! get zesty sause bcoz falthieveiethiere its an inside joke we might let u in on it if you do it ;))))),, SOME french fries yeah ik its vanilla sorry bro,  and just because youve been a good boy(falthieveiere made me type that dont crucify me) you can get  a DESERRT OF YOU'RE CHOICE! this isnt an option btw you have to treat youreself. ok gamers thanks for watching my lets play of Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitare! ill see you next week for more torture of funke!❤️ this is skydidminecraft(� (add funkepensive this is an option this is a choose your own sotry club penguin novel did you read those? i did they were good except for the routes where you died)) signing off. gn gamers. also post editing evie wants to say funke is stinky. post post editring. we have one last challange for you funke man mccan. when this hits 100. mod squad WILL BE RENAMED to the Funki Funki Moderation Club. you can tell this is the end because im tyler oakly now, and im signing off. good luck gamer B) alright this us the last one no redos. all those anime games you got yesterday?(toaday is the 13th of january btw) you have to write good reviews cin and no u said so ok bye tyler oakly finally dead forever

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