Petitioning FUNimation and 2 others

To make an English Dub for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie.


We the fans want ONLY THE BEST English Dub for this highly anticipated movie. We beleive FUNimation can provide us with just that.

Letter to
FUNimation Press
Toei Animation
We are a group called Dragon Ball Insider (Previously known as DBZExperts). This group is to share our knowledge of the Dragon Ball Franchise, and express how much we actually love the show. Dragon Ball has taught us, as well as many others many life lessons. Some of us grew up watching only the Japanese version, but many of us grew up listening to the English FUNimation Dub. It is rumored that the FUNi cast has not been contacted, and is not interested in dubbing this long awaited movie, Battle of Gods. It is also a rumor that it is because of financial reasons. This petition is for the producers of FUNimation. There are still MANY fans out there. We the fans want the BEST, and ONLY the best. We believe FUNimation can give us just that, if in fact there is an English Dub. We know this petition alone is not enough for a guaranteed English Dub, so we at Dragon Ball Insider advised the Dragon Ball community to actively purchase the latest DBZ merchandise! We at DBI understand that that a dub would require licensing, and like we said, we also know this petition is not going to be the reason for license purchasing. We want to show FUNi how licensing would benefit FUNi, as well as gain the respect and appreciation of fans. You can reach us directly at Consider our request. I'm sure we won’t be disappointed.

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