Stand with Vic Mignogna!

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Since the allegations arose I had a strong feeling people were just out to get Vic. All the "evidence" that was ever shown was him being overly friendly at most. Now real evidence of people trying to bring him down have arose, along with a testimony of a fan who said "she requested this with her mom and Vic's consent." But the picture was already taken out of context. Vic has played a lot of amazing roles over years but now Broly put him in the limelight and now people want to drag him down. This is my speculation but Broly could end up being a part of the returning Dragon Ball Super anime, if that happens and they English dub it. Vic won't be playing Broly. Not only that but how long will it air if it does happen, that means this whole debacle costed Vic a huge role in a very popular soon to be ongoing anime. Again just my speculation but it seems very likely based on the ending of the Broly movie. So if that does happen we lost the best English dub voice actor for this role without attempting truly help him! I don't want that, that's why I created this petition! Where is the due process? Don't let the NPC's and SJW's win! Stand with me to stand with Vic!

Let's get Vic back where he belongs!

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I stand with Vic Mignogna!