Bring Digimon Adventure Tri to the United States for an official English Dub

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Us Digimon fans already know that the sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 got a new sequel called "Digimon Adventure Tri" which is basically 6 movies (film series) with the first movie Saikai or Reunion released on November 21st 2015 and the second movie Ketsui or Determination on March 12th. With the third movie coming on September 24th we want the new Digimon movie series to come to the United States for an official dub with the original cast members: Joshua Seth, Michael Reisz, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Mona Marshall, Michael Lindsay, Philece Sampler, Doug Erholtz, Lara Jill Miller, Tom Fahn, Kirk Thornton, Tifanie Christun, Jeff Nimoy, Anna Garduno, Robert Martin Klein, Laura Summer & Edie Mirman. Digimon Adventure Tri is 6 years after the first season and 3 years after the 2nd season so it's basically happening in 2005 with Joe being 18 years old in cram school, Tai Matt and Sora are 17, Mimi and Izzy are 16 in high school, and T.K. & Kari are 14 in middle school. And since Saban Entertainment is defunct now I'm hoping that maybe Funimation will get the exclusive rights for the American dub, also I got a few requests if this happens: 1. Use english versions of the japanese songs (Butter-Fly, Brave Heart & I Wish) although it has been stated that the ending will change in the second movie, also keep the tonality of Digimon Adventure Tri as this is aimed for more of an adult audience because of the now almost 17th anniversary of Digimon Adventure. So it's got more of a mature vibe to it. Please make it happen Toei & Funimation !

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