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Petitioning Fun Bits Interactive/ SCEA

Fun Bits Interactive/ SCEA/ SuperVillain Studios: Port Fat Princess maps/modes from PSP to PS3

This is a very important petition because Fat Princess is a game that STILL has very patient and loyal followers. Not everyone has been there since the beginning, but everyone that plays still puts in time and effort into a game that has stolen their hearts. With the release of other games every quarter, one can still join a Fat Princess map and have a full room. All that we ask for is more of a challenge through new maps and modes that have already been made and just need to be ported from the PSP version to the PS3. Maps include "Marzipan Meadows," "Butterscotch Mesa," "Sweet 'N Sulphur," "Guactanamo Bay," and "Edinburger." Modes to include "Dilapidation," "Demolition," "Jailbreak" and "Grim Reaper." So let's join together and make an easy change for the better. For the one reason that this game was made. LET'S DO THIS FOR THE PRINCESS!!

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Fun Bits Interactive/ SCEA
Please port Fat Princess maps/modes from the PSP version to PS3 version so that your loyal fans may have a more challenging experience to the wonderful game you have already made. :D