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FULTON COUNTY GOVERNMENT: Select LifeLine Animal Project To Run Fulton County Animal Services

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Tired of tax dollars in Fulton County going to the killing of our lost, healthy and adoptable pets? Paying for failure to reunite pets with owners? Mismanagement of funds?

Right now the fate and well being of shelter pets hangs in the balance in Fulton County, GA.

WE MUST ACT NOW because the formal contract with the previous provider is over and our animals are in danger.

Two bids were submitted to take over Fulton County Animal Control Services.

One is a for profit group unrelated to animal welfare called The Siwel Group LC affiliated with Ron Totten, who failed as a director of Fulton County Animal Services with higher than a 80% kill rate.

Be Forewarned - A FOR PROFIT company like Siwel has one incentive - to make money and not the welfare of our pets. They could decide it is more profitable to sell our pets bodies to labs instead of trying to find the owners or rehoming them!

The other bidder is the obvious and only competent choice, Lifeline Animal Project, a renowned non profit with 10 years of solid compassionate animal welfare experience. Rebecca Guinn the executive director is a nationally recognized animal hero.

You can help save many lives immediately by simply letting Fulton County know they must choose LifeLine. If they hear from enough people and also voters that will sway them.

Let the Commissioners knows asap we will no longer tolerate a regressive catch and kill pound immediately.

They can vote on this at any time and are may do so January 23rd!

Rebecca Guinn has dedicated her life to humane treatment for companion animals. Dekalb County GA proclaimed May 17th “Rebecca Guinn Day” in recognition of her animal community service. Also skilled as an attorney, she wrote the legislation that ultimately banned the use of gas chambers in Georgia shelters. Lifeline has an emphasis on low cost spay neuter and has performed 65000 surgeries. Lifeline has a goal of saving all healthy and treatable pets.

Ron Totten in addition to killing the vast majority of the pets in his “care”, did not allow the public in for adoptions when he previously ran the shelter. In a prior bid ten years ago he proposed euthanizing pets earlier than the county mandated hold time of 7 days. He has not been in animal welfare for the past ten years.

The County wanted to award the bid to Ron Totten's group despite his hideous record during his previous bid. It was only due to public outcry that his group did not get the bid!

Without your support we fear they will choose Ron Totten’s group again. Please don’t let that happen. The shelter pets are counting on you.

Tell them to vote NO to Siwel and YES to LifeLine.

If you are a Fulton resident politely remind them that it is OUR tax dollars, you are a constituent and you do vote.

More details regarding the situation and both groups bidding HERE .

In addition to signing the petition please take a moment to send a letter as that will get even better response.

Dates and address of Commission meetings where people can speak, contact info and suggested phone scripts for those that also want to call to voice their opinions to the decision makers are here .




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