Justice for Kitty-Witty...Mama Cat Murdered for Protecting Kittens

Justice for Kitty-Witty...Mama Cat Murdered for Protecting Kittens

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Diego Wolf started this petition to Fulton County District Attorney - 404-612-4000 Fani T. Willis

Below is the original post that initiated this petition (some content may be considered disturbing). It was posted by the man that witnessed the horrible incident unfold. The delay in seeking justice and charging with felony animal abuse has been unacceptable and it's my hope this petition will put pressure on the and other agencies to ACTIVELY start pursuing justice for Kitty-Witty. PLEASE SIGN, SHARE, AND SHARE SOME MORE.

This whole tragic episode has been devastating to me. I can't get the visual of what I saw out of my mind.
Subsequent to the Nextdoor post, I posted an update. It has also been taken down. I will post the text of the update in new thread.

  Lovely old neighborhood. We have lived here for 40 years. Our house was built in 1924.
This happened this week.
Thank you for being great animal people!!!

Death of Mama Cat

Yesterday I witnessed the horrifying death of a pet cat. I saw Kitty-Witty kicked four feet in the air and about twenty feet into the driveway where she lived. She was dead on impact. I can not get the sight of Kitty-Witty flying through the air after being kicked out of my mind. It was horrible.


There is a lot to this episode. Nothing is black and white in this world and this is no exception. Some background about Kitty-Witty...

A small black cat scarcely more than a kitten appeared several months ago. She did not appear to have a home. My wife and I along with a neighbor took it upon ourselves to feed the cat, however we were not able to offer her a permanent home. She was friendly and really appreciated the food. We all tried to find a permanent home. After a couple of near misses, our neighbor across the street told me she wanted to adopt the cat. That was that. They named the cat Kitty-Witty. Kitty Witty had a home!!

Kitty-Witty was female and shortly presented the new owner with a litter of five beautiful kittens. The kittens are not quite of age to leave their mother to a new home.

Kitty-Witty became quite protective of her brood. Excessively so. I now know that if an unknown person or animal came near, Kitty-Witty might attack. In the end, although Kitty-Witty was a pet, she was an animal with animal instincts.

Yesterday while I was in my front yard I heard the start of an altercation. I looked at the street in front of Kitty-Witty's house and saw that Kitty-Witty was getting into it with a dog who was on a leash. The dog's owner settled the altercation by kicking Kitty-Witty. I witnessed Kitty-Witty flying around four feet off the ground a distance of about twenty feet. She landed next to her owner's car in the driveway.

Kitty-Witty was dead on impact. It was shocking and horrifying.

I ran over. I saw what happened and I started yelling at the person who killed Kitty-Witty. I told him he killed the cat. He said "the cat attacked my dog... what do you want me to do??

His dog never instigated anything. Kitty-Witty did. Kitty-Witty was trying to protect her kittens who were ten yards away. Kitty-Witty is an animal. We are humans and generally have more judgment. Nobody could fault the dog's owner for defending his pet. However, in my opinion, kicking the little cat who was one fifth the size of the dog four feet in the air and about twenty feet into the driveway was not the action of a responsible human. In my opinion it was not justified.

I asked him what his name was. He declined to tell me. I asked him where he lived. Again, he declined. He ultimately told me his first name  but would not tell me where he lived. He showed no remorse for what he did. In fact, I saw him start to walk away from the scene before I walked over to him. He never walked over to Kitty-Witty. He showed no indication of caring about Kitty-Witty one bit.

Kitty-Witty leaves five motherless kittens.

What a sad end to her short life.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!