End Discrimination of LGBTQ+ Students at Fuller Theological Seminary

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Earlier this year, Fuller Theological Seminary student, Joanna Maxon, was expelled from the seminary. Why? Because she is married to a woman. This action violates Title IX rules that forbid academic institutions from discriminating against students based on sex. Brave Commons, an LGBTQ+ Non-Profit that has worked with many schools in the past to overturn these outdated violations of human rights is working alongside current students like myself, and with Joanna to help ensure that Joanna is reinstated, and that queerphobia is something Fuller Theological Seminary can no longer get away with. Please sign this petition and share it to help us begin to bring awareness to this horrific act of discrimination Joanna and many other LGBTQ+ students have experienced. More direct action is planned for 2020. 

We demand that Fuller Theological Seminary must end its discrimination of LGBTQ+ students and begin welcoming a true diversity of voices in the classrooms.

- Trista Ann Marie Eazell (FTS Divinity student, New Abbey NoHo pastor), Erin Green (Co-Executive Director of Brave Commons), and Current Students Remaining Anon