Frustrated in Heron Preserve-Please sign if you agree.

Frustrated in Heron Preserve-Please sign if you agree.

July 11, 2022
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Started by Lori Belson


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As Homeowners in Heron Preserve, our complaints to Pulte (the builder) are not being addressed.  We have had two meetings with Margaret, who works for Castle Group and is employed by Pulte. Emails have also been sent.    Our issues have not been resolved or acknowledged and we feel our complaints are being ignored.  Some of these include safety concerns while others have to do with the appearance and overall maintenance of our community.  We, as residents, are getting fed up and feel we deserve resolution from Pulte.  Below are the main complaints that have not been addressed.  Margaret is also aware of all of the following:

   ◦    The retention pond being low and banks being repaired (Builder de-watered to fill retention ponds in phase 2). Bank repair should not come out of the HOA. Banks are collapsing due to the lack of water. Some bank work was done a few days ago but did not resolve collapsing. 
   ◦    Barbed wire fencing behind homes.
   ◦    Drainage on the properties.
   ◦    Security cameras being placed by the pool and main entrance along with no trespassing signs with county ordinance codes so police can enforce.
   ◦    Lights being installed by the mailboxes, not just the parking area.
   ◦    Impact landscaping services (cuts, fertilizing, bushes trimmed and watering). Most things not being done on a regular basis.
   ◦    Cars blocking sidewalks and parked in the street.
   ◦    Having one resident placed on the board being as we are almost at the 50% mark.
   ◦    Warranty issues that are not being taken care of.
      • The main gate should now be locked at all times and construction crews should find another way into the community once phase 1 is completed.
       • The rules of fishing especially behind people's homes? Tradition clearly states in their rules no fishing in residential communities.

We, as Homeowners in Heron Preserve, need resolution.  If we continue to be ignored, we will happily pass out flyers to prospective buyers at the Heron Preserve sales office.  People should be better informed to what they may be buying into.   


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Signatures: 97Next Goal: 100
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