Add Silver Knight Straight Sword and/or Silver Knight Spear into Dark Souls III

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In Dark Souls I, The Silver Knight weapons were exceptional weapons, very well-designed, and very unique. The Silver Knight Straight Sword, equipped with a strong attack that hits pure vertically, easily dispatching flying enemies and a follow-up pivoting outward swing that covers at least a 270° radius, as well as a two-handed variation involving a pair of right and left downward diagonal slashes with two hands. In addition, the sword was fully buffable with resins and weapon buffs like Darkmoon Blade and Sunlight Blade, making it a extremely versatile weapon. While the Silver Knight
Spear was also an exceptional weapon in its own right. It boasted a Strong-attack that swings outward horizontally in a full 360° radius, and a follow-up downward swing, as well as a two-handed thrust for it's two-handed variation. In addition, it was also a Divine weapon, even though it lacked Faith scaling as a divine weapon, it was still a very competent weapon, heralded so much so as a godsend when attempting the Catacombs in Dark Souls I. Unlike the Silver Knight Straight Sword, it is unbuffable, due to its Divine trait. But nonetheless, still, it was a very useful weapon.

Timeskip to Dark Souls III, which prompted the return of Anor Londo in all of its former glory, still standing. Even the Silver Knights still reside. Only, a problem arises. The Silver Knights only drop their Armor set (Silver Knight Helm, Silver Knight Armor, Silver Knight Gauntlets, and Silver Knight Leggings), their Silver Knight Shield, (very rarely) their Dragonslayer Greatbow, 2 Titanite Shards, or 1–2 Large Titanite Shards. This is incredibly uncanny, as the Black Knights are in the game as well, and yet, they drop their entire armor set, in addition to this, they also drop their respective weapon. Dark Souls III did indeed only feature two types of Black Knights, ones with the Black Knight Greataxe, and ones with the Black Knight Greatsword. But yet, in Smouldering Lake there is a loot corpse that grants the player the Black Knight Sword, and another corpse in Untended Graves in Champion Gundyr's boss-room that gives the player the Black Knight Glaive. Which leaves no missintg Black Knight weapons.

This begs the question. Why are the Silver Knight Straight Sword and the Silver Knight Spear not droppable from their wielders? If the Straight Sword-wielding Silver Knight is further inspected upon from the Darkmoon Tomb area from behind. It can be seen that its model is (seemingly) unfinished. The blade itself is quite highly detailed compared to Dark Souls I, but the crossguard, hilt and pommel are still very polygonated and resemble a rather beta stage look. Presumably, the model may have been rushed. Moreso that the Silver Knight Straight Sword and Spear are not even included in the game data of Dark Souls III, making it even more uncanny. Moreso, with the addition of the Ringed City DLC, it features the Silver Knight known as Ledo who wields a large Greathammer, and even Ledo himself is only wearing the normal Silver Knight Set, as opposed to his own set which is found in the game data. In addition, there is a corpse in the Ringed City within a rather small circular room filled with Silver Knight pedestals surrounding the room. This corpse is seen in front of a Silver Knight statue that is holding a Silver Knight Straight Sword, only to find that the corpse held nothing but a simple Ember.


With this petition, myself and all of its signers simply ask of FromSoftware, to patch in the Silver Knight Straight and/or the Silver Knight Spear into Dark Souls III. Either by having them as a droppable weapon,.. or found on a loot corpse(s) within the game. With that said, we only ask that the weapons be modified as you see fit to balance within the game, so long as the weapons retain their signature strong attacks, as either a strong attack or/and as a possible weapon skill.

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