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Update Armored Core 5

Armored Core is a long running mecha-video game series, based upon customizing the player's "Armored Core". Since the series began, it has seen a total of 15 different games, spanning mulitple platforms, and fostering a small, but tight nit community. The latest installation, Armored Core 5, was released in January for Japan, almost three years after its predecessor, Armored Core for Answer.

When it was released in Japan, the initial game was slightly off as it had an unblanced metagame. For example, the chaingun weapon completely outranged, and outdamaged all other kinetic weaponry; one of three types of weaponry in the game, the others being Thermal and Chemical, each having a defense stat to match in the Armored Core's body. WIthin the first month after release in Japan, it is understood that the Japanese game recieved several patches, which improved overall gameplay.

The game was updated for the American and European sides on April 4. However, instead of including the Japanses updates, they only reset merc leaderboards in conquest mode. No readjustment of part stats was included, as they had in the Japanese version.

On the forums, a contact was made with a player named Jjoozay, and a receptionist for the game. The receptionist was told that the so called patch updated American servers to have the same gameplay as in Japan. However, this was obviously not true, as no stat even moved one point from where they were before the patch, and the same goes for gameplay.

Basically, the community in the US and EU feels that their games have been left unfinished; like they're playing an incomplete game. The Japanese paid the same price for their game, and they have recieved updates to rebalance the game to the way the developers feel it should be played. This cannot be said for their counterparts overseas. While it may seem hasty to demand change so early, the Japanese game was updated within this time frame.  We want to play the game as it ought to be played, as the Japanese are playing.

After much discussion on the forums, we the players have reached some conclusions, and we would be grateful if you the publishers and developpers, Namco Bandai and From would hear us.
Here is what we want:
-Update the US and EU sides along with the JP side.
-We, the community, would like to voice to you that we miss the ability to play with our comrades and friends overseas. There has been talk of a server merge, but from our collective understanding, that is not exactly possible, given the way the game was programmed. In the next game, we hope that you have a server that hosts all players, whether they be from North America, Europe, or Japan.

    -Update conquest so that Territories reset after each season. The newer players are finding it hard to claim territory, since all the older groups have claimed it all.

-We would like to have more player-developer communication. I realize that this petition was started a mere two weeks after publishing, but we have gone that entire time with minimal communication. Being left in the dark, the community has begun It would mean a great deal if somehow you could post Armored Core news on the front page of the systems menu.

-Lastly, we would like to ask From software and Namco to meet with several members of Armored core's online community so that we can clear things up. It would be better if we selected our own members to attend if this should happen, so that they may voice and represent the community better.

 We dont mean to overstep our demands; we primarily want our game to updated to what it was designed to be, and to improve communications between developer and player. Armored Core is a great game, and we are forever grateful that you developped it. We thank ou for hearing us out.



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