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Please do not patch the Bottomless Box Character Copy Glitch in Dark Souls

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Dear From Software,

I would like to request you do not patch the Bottomless Box Glitch. The Bottomless Box glitch allows a player to copy the contents of one character's box to a new character's box.
This glitch, unlike the infinite item glitch, the spellswitch glitch, and the dragon head glitch, is completely possible to achieve through normal play. However, to do so takes a massive amount of time, and so avid PvP players cannot make builds specifically for PvP play unless they invest such large quantities of time. The glitch allows people to skip the tedious process of gathering and immediately begin enjoying the process of creating builds, and the online elements which are the staple of Dark Souls.

To leave it in allows the community to grow, rather than shrink. A new player cannot simply begin making PvP builds the moment he begins playing Dark Souls, rather he must gather all the items on one character, and then is able to use that which he has gathered and nothing else, ensuring new players cannot instantly become over powered and break the game. People who have played through and gathered are given the privilege to use those gathered items and lengthen the replayability of Dark Souls, as there is a near infinite number of builds to be made.

Just to use myself as an example, I beat and replayed Dark Souls in less than a month, however this glitch has allowed me to enjoy PvP in Dark Souls since its release date last October, which has been over the course of twenty builds to this day. Other players have had numbers of builds high upwards of twenty, creating far too many builds to count.

If From Software believes this to be unacceptable, a stat respec option would be greatly appreciated. It would allow players to recreate their characters indefinitely, greatly lengthening the replayability of Dark Souls.

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