Pittsburgh Moms Seek Police Reform

Pittsburgh Moms Seek Police Reform

June 3, 2020
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Sheriff, Allegheny County Sheriff's Office William P. Mullen and 6 others
Signatures: 1,128Next Goal: 1,500
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lindsay Bachman

As we observe the things happening in our country, members of Pittsburgh Moms Connect express our support for people protesting systematic racism in our country, in our county, and in our communities. We stand in solidarity with our fellow moms of color in hopes that these ongoing protests and prayer vigils will spark uncomfortable honesty, change, and healing here in Pittsburgh and across the country. 

We believe that moms are the secret to solving what’s wrong with this country and stand together to build an equitable, safe, and just city.

Integrating recommendations from communities, research organizations, and the Task Force on 21st Century Policing, we petition for the enactment of these policies that aim to protect and preserve life in Pittsburgh and its surrounding community:

  1. End broken window policing
  2. Community oversight
  3. Limit use of force
  4. Independently investigate and prosecute
  5. Community representation
  6. Body cams on police
  7. Training
  8. End for-profit policing
  9. Demilitarization 
  10. Fair union contracts

George Floyd called out for his mamma right before he died. We hear his cry and we take action, as only mammas do. Join us.


Pittsburgh Moms Connect (PMC), formerly Pittsburgh Moms Club, was birthed at a coffee shop on the North Side of Pittsburgh in 2010. Five new moms, babies and strollers in tow, sought to create a safe and encouraging group for mothers of all parenting styles and persuasions to ask questions, plan play dates, receive recommendations but mostly, build community – the village!

Pittsburgh Moms Connect has almost 16,500 mothers in the local area who participate daily in discussion, support and community with the common goal of guiding the next generation of Pittsburghers to be happy, healthy, whole and complete!

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Signatures: 1,128Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • William P. MullenSheriff, Allegheny County Sheriff's Office
  • William PedutoMayor, City of Pittsburgh
  • Allegheny County CouncilState Representative
  • Conor LambState Representative
  • Guy ReschenthalerCongressman