Frito Lay: Add pet suffocation warning labels to your chip bags!

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Blue, my beautiful rescue dog, suffocated in a Frito Lay Cheetos chip bag. After dragging an empty Cheetos bag out of the trash and putting his head in to lick up the crumbs, the chip bag then created a vacuum-like seal around his neck blocking his ability to breathe. Panicked and unable to see or breathe, Blue stumbled upstairs, knocking into tables and lamps, and collapsing after losing his bowels. I found him lying motionless under a table with the chip bag still covering his head. I had NO idea these chip bags posed a suffocation risk! Shocked by Blue's senseless death, I contacted President Tom Greco of Frito Lay numerous times to discuss putting warning labels on their chip bags. He did not take my calls or respond to my correspondence. When Cathy Dial, a Frito Lay spokesperson, finally contacted me, she said Frito Lay would take my requests under "advisement", and suggested I could be an "advocate" for the dogs myself. I have since started a website and a Facebook page called "Prevent Pet Suffocation". I am contacted weekly by distraught owners with horrible stories of their dogs suffocating in chip bags and other food packaging, with Frito Lay products being the most common. Their usual response is "If I had only known that these chip bags could cause suffocation, my dog would still be alive!" Most people are not aware of the suffocation hazards of these strong mylar-type chip bags. Once the dog puts his head into the chip bag, it creates a vacuum-like seal around his neck. As the dog tries to breathe, the bag tightens around his neck, cutting off the oxygen. Dogs can and do die within minutes. Too many dogs are needlessly dying! Please help us get warning labels put on Frito Lay chip bags by signing this petition! The next dog that is saved may be yours!  

Please visit my website at and my Facebook page at for more information about this. Scroll through the Memorial Photos on the website to see a montage of some of the beautiful dogs who have died from suffocation. Thank you for your support!