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STOP! The use of Sewage Sludge (Bio Waste) for Composting and Spreading as Fertilizer in the Nicola Valley.

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To create public awareness and lobby for change to regional government regulations pertaining to Bio-waste site locations and zoning applications.

Welcome to Friends of the Nicola Valley. This group is concerned with the use of human excrement, AKA Bio Waste, Bio Solids, Food Waste Compost and Class A or B Compost, all names given to the product derived from sewage treatment of community waste water. Bio Waste is coming to the Nicola Valley from other areas of B.C.

The issue as we see it is:

1. Concern for run off of heavy metal contaminated water into water courses, as well as onto productive farmland in the Nicola Valley.

2. Potential hazardous/toxic waste to be accidently spilled onto properties, streams and other waterways during the winter months.

3. Airborne contaminants from stock-piled Bio-waste.

4. Slide potential, as happened in China, from destabilized mounds of Bio Wastes with substantial loss of life.

5. The fact that the economic downturn for an entire area will be strongly felt by having the presence of this waste become the focal point.

6. Areas known to have toxic waste dumps are severely affected by the lack of investor confidence and risk factors associated with “contamination issues”.  

7. Ecological impact on wildlife and the ecosystems.  

8. Productive farmland becoming contaminated with heavy metals and known carcinogens, potentially entering the human food chain. 

Please sign this petition and join the conversation. Keep up to date on all information regarding the issue of Bio Waste Solids used as fertilizer.

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