Friends of Haleiwa Beach Park

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Friends of Haleiwa Beach Park

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Mission Statement:

We believe the City and County of Honolulu should retain important coastal park lands in highly utilized recreational areas for the benefit of the public.  
Thus, we support the protection of the Haleiwa Beach Park in its entirety, including approximately 4 acres on the mauka side of Kamehameha Highway 
that were taken from Kamehameha Schools  and local families by eminent domain for future park expansion. This land should be enjoyed as a public 
resource by residents and visitors for generations to come.

Bullet Points:

The City & County of Honolulu is currently negotiating with Andy Anderson on selling the approximately 4 acres of land mauka of Kamehameha Highway across from the Haleiwa Regional Beach Park and northeast of Jameson’s Restaurant for Anderson’s planned hotel development.  

This parcel of land was obtained by the City & County in 1970 from Kamehameha Schools and local families by eminent domain for the future  expansion of Haleiwa Beach Park.  

Other island wide parcels were obtained by the City & County via eminent domain that are waiting to be developed into public parks.

If this Haleiwa Beach Park land sale occurs, it will set a precedent that could result in the public losing park lands throughout Oahu that were initially set aside as park land to be enjoyed by residents and visitors for generations to come.  

The Save Haleiwa Beach Park Coalition’s objective is to alert the public that this sale would result in our loss of a valuable resource that will serve our children and grandchildren.  

We are currently distributing information about this proposal so that we can garner a high volume of supporters to put some pressure on the City & County to not sell our public land for any private endeavor.  

We hope to get a large group of supporters of our cause at the next North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting September 28 at the John Kalihi Surf Center when Andy Anderson presents his plan.  

For more information please go to our website,

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This petition had 2,655 supporters

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