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Reach a fair deal with the Opera Musicians of Fresno

The Fresno Grand Opera Board of Directors and management should agree to settle their differences with the Opera Musicians of Fresno, and AFM Local 12. The FGO management team needs to begin bargaining in good faith and offer a contract that includes a firm schedule, and fair and timely hiring procedures.

The community calls upon the FGO to sit down with the musicians' representatives and work to guarantee quality music in their productions by hiring professional musicians and treating them as professionals.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Fresno Grand Opera
  • General Director
    Ronald D. Eichman
  • Associate Director
    Thi Nguyen
  • Office Administrator
    Daniel Arrigoni
  • Chairman FGO Board
    Edward D. Fanucchi
  • Vice-Chair FGO Board
    Jane S. Bedrosian
  • Quinlan, Kershaw & Fanucchi, LLP
    Edward L. Fanucchi

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