Petition Closed

The Fulton Mall, which is listed in the California Register of Historical Resources, is the world's most sigificant pedestrian mall and award-winning public art project designed by internationally-known architect Garret Eckbo.  Restoration of existing fountains and art and enhancement of the Mall by adding more art, better lighting, visible signage, improvements to nearby parking structures, solar power, and events planning will aid in revitalizing downtown by sponsoring a unique business environment and an enjoyable and safe destination for locals and tourists.  We don't need more cars and air pollution in Fresno.  Instead, we need more urban parks and places that encourage walking and public interaction.  Restoring and enhancing the Fulton Mall is a 21st-century solution that will be a source of pride for all Fresnans.

Letter to
Fresno City Council
Support Option 3 for the Fulton Mall