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Freephilip from unjust incarceration

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Philip was released from prison December15th 2008 on a Habeus Corpus. Philip was made to return to prison February 2009 on a technicality found that the Habeus Corpus was filed in the wrong County.The same county that sentenced Philip McCollum and found his sentence to be unconstutional told Phil he had to go back to Prison and finish his 110 year Non-violent sentence of Conspring and dealing cocaine.Philip had served 21 years at that time. Philip was taking care of his Mother who was dying when he was out of prison for 65 days. Philip had many accomplishments and never had a write-up in his 21 years in prison.Philips mother has passed and his sister ,since he had to go back. Philip,now is in early stages of Alzheimers. Many times since he has returned to prison he has had many status hearings. Philip deserves to live what Life he has left with his grown children and grandchildren. Philip has many people trying to help him,including a state Senator,AN ex F.B.I. agent. If you go to you-tube and put in freephilip1 or you will see the sadness of his story. Why should Phil have to leave in a pine box,when now the same charge would be about 12 years.Philip was 36 when he went to prison and now just turned 60,You also can read his story on FAMM.ORG......Please sign Philips petition and help let him spend the rest of his life with Family. while Philip had those 65 days of Freedom,he obtained a drivers license.He stayed with his Mother every night. So, much more to write, Philips next Status hearing is May 25th 2012,I would appreciate if you would sign Philips petition..Thank You to All! We need and want Philip home, before he gets the pleasure of leaving in a Pine Box.Philip used his time wisely while in Prison and the short time out he had.He did nothing wrong to go back,but,he had to follow what the law said. Philip walked back,into his 110 year sentence

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