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Renew Monica the Medium for a Third Season on Freeform (the new name for ABC Family)

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Monica the Medium is a two-season TV series on Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) available on Amazon, Google Play, Hulu and others. Monica Ten-Kate is an extraordinarily-gifted, spirit medium, and the star of "Monica the Medium". As a spirit medium she uses her gift to share messages from lost loved ones and provide healing to those who need it most.  

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Monica was always an old soul with a sense of the world beyond her years. Around the age of 15, Monica began to realize that her empathic tendencies for the people surrounding her; friends, family, and strangers alike, was accompanied by a sense of feelings, signs, and symbols, which she later realized was Spirit communicating to her. Monica went on to college to pursue a degree in PR/Communications at Penn State University, where her clientele expanded immensely as she continued to strengthen her gift as a medium. Monica soon realized this work was her life's purpose.

Monica's natural energy and presence makes her a relatable and loveable messenger for the Other Side. The intriguing nature of her gift, along with her sparkling full of life personality make her not only a fascinating 22-year-old woman, but also a wonderful leader in her community as she inspires people to accept their gifts and works to heal people of all ages.

​In the second season of “Monica the Medium,” Monica made the move across the country to San Diego, CA, where she found new roommates, a new boyfriend, and a whole new world of spiritual connection.

The Show

The very entertaining and touching show follows Monica around in her normal activities through school, friends and home with awesome roommates. She's normal, with a twist since sometimes she can't help surprise strangers with spontaneous messages from their loved ones while in public.

The Reviews

The Huffington Post and others have very positive reviews, pointing out how likable she is and how she's exploring her relatively young/new gift and balancing helping others while maintaining a life of her own.

The Request: Season 3!

Freeform first debuted season 1 in 2014 and season 2 in 2015 and it’s not too late to announce a season 3. Monica the Medium fans believe that there is a large interest in having another season of the show as they have been expressing on social media.

Whether the show has already touched you in some way, or you are genuinely intrigued and plan on watching the show, please express your interest in a third season by signing this petition. The show touches and helps so many; from the ones receiving readings during filming to every viewer of the show. In some way, the messages bring comfort to all who watch.

Please sign this petition to show your support and interest in seeing Freeform renew Monica the Medium for Season 3.

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