AIR Shadowhunters 3B in 2018

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The Shadowhunters fandom had their show wrongfully & Abruptly cancelled. For the apparent “economic” reasons.

This fandom are being punished, not only with this cancellation but also the decision to air the episodes 3x11 through to 3x20 next year with the “bonus episodes”.

This is not fair considering this is making fans wait a year, for a show they’ve shown nothing but dedication to, as well as the second half of the season meaning to be aired in August in the first place.

It’s only fair to acknowledge the fans, this time, and air episodes 3x11-20. That are completed and finished. THIS year as previously promised.

A compromise for putting fans through emotional, physical and mental distress as well as the disappointing very very few comments made toward fans efforts in their incredible devoted loyalty and mind-blowing campaign to have this show return for a fourth season.

If must, the “3x21 & 22” episodes can still air next year. But, the fans deserve their shows already completed episodes, and soon. This year as previously promised instead of the cruelty of making them wait a whole year for another episode. Which is nothing but a punishment for the millions of people, who don’t deserve it, and have done nothing to deserve this situation or ordeal.