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Leslie has been in prison for now 40 years, as August 10th, 1969 was the night of the crimes she has been convicted of - a crime of 1st degree murder and conspiracy of murder of two innocent victims Leno and Rosemary Labianca. There was and is no physical, nor forensic evidence other than her statement and involvement she said that she participated. Their are known people as such as some listed on the Innocence Project that "false confess". Why, we don't always know, and sometimes many go un-noticed, told of, and or the person never reveals they have "false confessed" and remain in prison - sometimes for life, and some have gone to their eternal father in Heaven. Ms. Van Houten is a "teacher" at the prison in which she gives other female inmates the education that they enroll in, starting with the G.E.D. program, and also getting into colleges classes as well. Ms. Van Houten has an I.Q. of 121 which puts her in the top 5% of our country - The United States of America. She started a program quite some time ago called SOS (Sharing Our Stitches) which Ms. Van Houten and other women hand-made quilts/blankets for the needy and homeless. She also in now currently working with a project on the grounds with starting a Garden Project - helping other women in this program also with her skills and talents. Ms. Van Houten has been for 40 years a "Role-Model" Prisoner, and has given and devoted herself into helping others obtain their goals, in which she is highly regarded at the prison. She has degrees in college - reaching into the higher levels of education, and her current goal is to write a thesis in the opportunities for people through "higher education" in which to better a persons skills and learning, gaining knowledge with college training. Finding career paths, and leading other women into a direction of a productive person whom can become suitable for going home and being in society. She also prays to go home, she has been the "MOTIVATION" and "ROLE-MODEL" to more women in the California Prison System in this History of The United States Rehabilitation. She hopes to be "recognized" for her accomplishments, and her life behind bars for 40 years with only a good service record. She is ready to come home to her family and loved-ones. She does have many supporters, and she does have family and friends that pray that she will one day come home soon. I ask all whom reads this to find it in your heart to forgive this woman of anything that she has done in her life, that you will pray for her in her to be released - she has been in prison now for 40 years, since the age of 19, and is now nearing 60 years old. You can view some of Ms. Van Houtens parole hearings that were taped by Court T.V. - on type in Leslie Van Houten - and you can see over the years, as each year she gains more for herself in education, and educating other women while still in prison. She doesn't give up hope, and she still has faith, please help with the release of Leslie Van Houten - Life with the possibility of parole 2013.

Letter to
Board of Parole - California
40 years behind bars, since the age of 19. Now nearing 60 years old. August 10th, 1969 crimes of 1st degree murder and conspiracy of murder in the Leno and Rosemary Labianca Murders, in which I believe with DNA testing, Ms. Van Houten would be ruled out, she was given by LAPD an option of $25,000 and police protection to turn states evidence over on Charles Milles Manson. She did not agree to do so, she was then tried in a court of law with a jury, her attorney had a camping accident and was killed in a land-slide - she was given bail and bonded out for about 6 months, staying in good company, she came back to the 2nd trial and the jury was hung. This meant by Constitutional Law, the jury found no evidence against her in any crime without a reason upon doubt - meaning not guilty. The courts and judges then re-tried her (as she would not give states evidence against Charles Milles Manson) her 3rd trial the judge instructed the jury to find her guilty of 1st degree murder for Rosemary Labianca and conspiracy of murder for her husband Leno Labianca. Ms. Van Houten has been an educator for the California Institute for Women for many years. She started a program called SOS (Sharing Our Stitches) with other women making hand-made quilts/blankets for the needy and homeless. She is now involved in a project on the grounds to complete a Garden Project, helping and sharing her skills with other women, in which has been her life for the past 40 years, devoting her skills and talents to helping other women, most of them go home, she prays to go home also, and needs your support and help. She has been for 40 years a "Role-Model" Prisoner - she is highly regarded in the prison, and she has helped more females in educating them from the G.E.D. program, into helping them enter into college programs, and has devoted to helping other women to obtain educational skills so that when they do go home, they will have that chance to succeed and become productive members in society. Please take the time to recognize Ms. Leslie Van Houten as the good person she really and truly is, and all the hard work she has done in the California Prison System - she has college degrees - at the higher levels, and as a fact of record holds an I.Q. of 121 which puts her in the top 5% percent of our country - The United States of America. Please support the Freedom for Ms. Van Houten, as she will go up for parole again in 2013. Her sentence is Life with the possible of parole. She has good parole plans, a good support system, and I am one of those people, and have even opened my doors to my home in Rogers, Arkansas to her, in which I have professional references upon request, and each one of my family members has a college education, with one sister with two Master's Degrees in Drug/Alcohol Counseling, and Family - Marriage Counseling, in which we welcome her into our home.

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