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Grandpa Ljube, from the small village Kojkovo, who two years ago, saved himself and his wife from two abusive robbers, has been saving other people and mountaineers from freezing in the snow on Osogovo.

He has been helping his fellow-miners, too.
He risked his life because of his offer to help others.

But, nobody came to help him and his wife that Wednesday evening. He has told the Macedonian "Dnevnik", that he and his wife were alone in the village, and the nearby houses were miles away, so he and his wife were left alone to the disgrace of the two robbers who broke in their house to rob them. Wounded, beaten up and tortured, Ljube settled with his fate, but his undying love towards his wife was the reason why he gave all he's got, to try and save them both. He wanted to help like many times before, but in this situation, the price of helping had to take somebody's life away.

The drama ended with the murder of one of the robbers, and with the hurting of the other robber, which Ljube shot with his gun. With the force of the law, the police sent three criminal indictments towards him, for murder, attempted murder, and for illegal owning of a weapon.

Grandpa Ljube was known by many, mountaineers, woodsmen, hunters, and the well-meaning people were always welcomed with a glass of water or alcohol brand in his modest house.

The big blue marks on his beaten up hands, the cut wrists, it showed just how hard it was to get out of the strong rope he had been tied up to. While the robbers went to another room to abuse his crippled wife in order for her to tell them where the money is, Grandpa Ljube got away and took his hunting rifle out from the basement. He went to the other room in which his wife was suffering, he pulled out the old weapon he had in his hands, and killed one of the robbers, sending a bullet in the other one's body, but not killing him right there. The wounded robber was able to escape and find the taxi cab (the same one that took the robbers near the village) and took him to the hospital.

"What can I say, It had to be that way. I was lucky the rope wasn't too thick so I managed to escape and take that gun, It was my grandfather's. I was scared, I thought that was the end. But I was more scared and worried for my wife. I thought they'd kill me, and then she'd be left alone." - told grandpa Ljube.

Please sign this petition so we can put an end to this. Grandpa Ljube does not deserve to go to prison. He was just defending him and his wife. He shouldn't go to jail.
He needs the freedom and peace he once had! Help us free this man from going to jail, sign this petition!

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