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Freedom For An Innocent Man

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Jonathan S King was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not do. He has been in Prison for 16 years and county jail 3 years before his hearing. The Judge in his trial told on a Radio interview 3 weeks before the that he would make an example out of Jon and sentence him to the max amount of time reguardless. There was no evidence against him and the DNA evidence in the case was not Jon's and did not in any way connect Jon. This was false allegations trumped up by people in his life that was jealous of him and wanted to hurt him. He was not given a fair trial and was denied proper counsil. The charge he was arrested for was not the charge he was sentenced for. He was held on a 500000.00 bond for menacing, a bond  never heard of before for a misdemeanor charge. The Judge refused a motion to stop false statements from being heard by the jury. A great injustice has been done to this man. The Judge sentenced Jon after his sentence the just vacated some of the charges but the sentence remained the same. This man put his faith and trust in God and stands strong on his faith that God will prevail. He is loved and missed greatly. His grandmother needs him home with her to help care for her. She is 93 years old and doesn't have much time left. It is her wish to see her Grandson be set free and the charges against him dismissed. He had everything stolen from him due to the corruption in Alabama judicial system. He was discarded like trash by people who claimed to love and care about him. False statements and an angry Judge condemned his man to a life of hell. Jon served in the Air Force and faught for our freedom just to have his stolen from him. Please HELP him be set free so he can continue to help others grow in their faith, and find a way when all hope has been stolen from them. He has touched the lives of many people and gave many people hope when they had no hope left.

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