Free Whales and Dolphins in Captivity- Close Marineland and Seaworld!

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Dolphins and whales are highly intelligent animals. They are self aware, and have strong relationships that last a lifetime. They are social, and they grieve loss.  Dolphins love surfing waves, playing with their family, friends ,and pod. They enjoy hunting for fish, and swimming in the huge ocean. Dolphins should not be kidnapped from their families, and confined in a small concrete pools entertaining humans with tricks in order to get hand fed dead fish. They should not be put with other whales and dolphins from opposite coasts because they do not get along and will attack one another. They should not be sexually assaulted, and their calfs should not be taken away from them. They get depressed, and lonely being separated from their family. They swim in circles and chew the metal bars on their cages until their teeth fall out. They die at the age of 20 rather than up to 100 which they would have in the wild. Who could blame them why would they even want to live such a horrible life. Many drown themselves, or ram themselves against their cages causing brain damage and death. They are abused in more ways than I can count, the way they are caught is brutal. Some marine parks get there animals from the brutal dolphin killing and hunting fisheries in Taiji supporting the yearly 20,000 dolphins being captured and killed brutally. Because of captivation not only the animals but many trainers and humans have been attacked and killed which would never happen in the wild. The sad thing is that although changes have been made, marine parks  still exist. You would think that this issue would no longer exist but it does. Unless they were taken from the wild very young dolphin and whales who have either been in captivity for many years or who were born in captivity would no longer be able to survive in the wild because the marine parks have taken away all their skills in order to survive. However they have something called sea side sanctuaries where the dolphins could live in a blocked of section near a cove in the ocean they would have much more space, they wouldn't need to preform tricks in order to get fed, sometimes they re teach them how to hunt, their babies wouldn't be taken away from them and they wouldn't be abused. They would get to experience a bit of what they would have in the wild. As for shutting down the parks this would prevent other dolphins and whales from living the same life in captivity in the future! All animals deserve space, companionships, adequate resources but most importantly FREEDOM! Its up to you.  If you think this is wrong take a stand ,make a change, spread this message. Sign my petition. We owe it to the animals.