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Dear CM Uddhav Thackeray Sir and Dy CM Ajit Pawar Sir,

We the petitioners & affected parties demand immediate solutions to the increasing Traffic problems of Hinjawadi area. The traffic chaos has reached its peak due to the continued negligence and lethargy of concerned government authorities.Commute on each side is taking to 2/3 hours just to travel a distance of 6km . Loss of productivity to the nation and the ill effects to the personal well being of over 3 lakh professionals and residents is a very serious matter and deserves your intervention. 

Each time we are been pointed to futuristic solutions, like Hyperloop and Metro , No doubt we need to be future ready but " What about today ? " ,  Why can't your government implement immediate measures like -

- Filling the potholes of all main roads & internal arterial roads 
- Removing the illegal encroachments from the roads and footpaths 
- Making sure all alternative entry points are made ready before digging up existing heart-line for Metro work ( Wakad Chowk to Phase 3 Road)

We demand that the authorities complete the following pending projects within one month 

Wakad Bhumkar Chowk redevelopment 
Alternate roads :

a )  Sus - Nande Chande to Hinjawadi road to be widened and made pot hole free .

b ) Mahalunge road and bridge to Hinjawadi to be completed .

c ) Phase 1 Infosys Circle to Maan village section of 100 meters to be made pot hole free

d) Phase 1 Shivaji Chowk - PMPML Bus stop towards Wakad should be moved ahead by 200 meters 

e) Road widening at "Pumpkin Patch school bottleneck" at Bhumkar Chowk - Phase 2 road 
f) Phase  3 : Maan to Ghotawade Phata road to be widened and repaired
NHAI to remove bus stops on both sides of flyover on highway at Wakad Chowk and shift them to Octroi post land


-  Merge Hinjawadi IT Park and 9 villages into Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

- PMRDA should work on the complete Development plan on top priority.

- PMRDA and MIDC to have full time task force deployed to remove all the encroachments from the entire IT Park and villages

- Increase Police personnel for Hinjawadi . Full time police patrols and mobile Traffic Police Van with public address system to monitor and control the traffic situation in real-time 

We are begging your mercy for managing our work life balance and help retain the IT hub tag for Hinjawadi.

Thanks & Regards, Sudhir Deshmukh

Convener - #Free-up-Hinjawadi
E-mail : freeuphinjawadi@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/freeuphinjawadi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Free-Up-Hinjawadi-1884762161577440

#FREE-UP-HINJAWADI 1.0 (Year 2017)

Petitioners and Affected Parties

  1. Day care infants and School Children aged as low as 6 months and onwards
  2. Workers in the Hinjawadi IT Park
  3. Owners of the IT, Biotech, Manufacturing industries and local factories in Hinjawadi-MIDC Cluster
  4. Residents of the Hinjawadi, Maan, Marunji, Wakad, Pimpale Nilakh, Saudagar and nearby Pimpri Chinchwad & Pune
  5. Local Business nearby Hinjawadi
  6. Transporters & Drivers
  7. Patients and emergency vehicles
  8. Police and Traffic police personnel


Petition to

CMO-Maharastra Government, PMO, Ministry of Urban Development, Transport Ministry - Govt. Of India, Local council, MIDC, PMRDA and PCMC

We the #FREE-UP-HINJAWADI movement undersigned petition to the CMO-Maharastra Government, PMO, Ministry of Urban Development, Transport Ministry - Govt. Of India, Local council, MIDC, PMRDA and PCMC ,PMC

  • To Invest in substantial improvements to the current road network in and around Hijawadi
  • Provide better traffic management facilities and infrastructure for IT hub.
  • Please re-visit the idea of a direct grade separated roads to Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3
  • Consider Subway, Underpass and small flyovers in major junctions in Hinjawadi, consider the separate service road for the local traffic

The commuters in Hinjawadi from this IT hub of Maharastra are completely fed up with the extremely fragile road network around the town and daily traffic snarls. The population has increased massively over the last few years, the business and industry had also grown rapidly. But the road network has not changed for current and future needs or demands. Traffic infrastructure can no longer cope with the volume of traffic.

Rush hour is always a nightmare, a minor incident on any of the main roads brings the entire town grinding to a halt.

We request that on topic of Transport For Hinjawadi Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3 authorities puts some serious investment into improving the current road network, public transport, and formulates a plan to manage traffic effectively whenever there is an incident on any of the roads into or out of the town. A distance of 2.3 km takes close to 40-55 minutes in rush hours, commuters have to spend 1.5 hours to 3 hours based on origin of travel.

This area is 2800+ acre industrial park second home or workplace for close to 7 lakh to 10 lakh workers, these workers daily travel to and from this area. Hinjawadi also embodies the local population close to 100,000 + and also establishment of well-known schools & institutes in the vicinity. The crumbling road network currently have only 2 major entry points 1. Wakad Junction to Ph1  and 2. Bhumkar Chawk to Ph1/Ph2. This bottleneck not only causing trouble to commuters but also compelling small businesses to run away from the area, this does not showcase as a good investment destination. Leaving bad impression with thousands of foreigners visiting the place daily basis.

The traffic snarls are affecting many lives daily, this includes

  • A small kid have to inhale the polluted air for longer, same goes for the traffic cops, commuters and volunteers
  • Mental and Physical stress to be born by each commuter
  • Daily 1.2 Million precious productive hours lost daily, causing productivity drop for business owners resulting in business loss
  • 30% to 65% excessive fuel consumption and environment damages

 We would like to see the idea of a direct pass thru/grade separated road around Hinjawadi, kindly seriously looked into it once again.

Kindly consider having the following things implemented at soon as possible

  1. Grade separated road with direct pass-thru from Wakad junction to Phase 1, Phase 1 to Phase 2/3 (May be a part toll/epass way)
  2. Provide necessary subway, underpass or flyovers at punctures to avoid traffic jams
  3. Separate Service road for Local traffic
  4. Side-walkways, cycleways & Green cover
  5. Widening of Phase 3 to Nande Chande Road
  6. Widening of the Phase 3 to Maan gaon to Phase 1 road
  7. New connectivity from Balewadi to Phase1/Phase2
  8. Functioning public transport e.g. PMPML
  9. Effective, Better and non intruding Metro transport from Hinjawadi-Wakad-Pimpale Saudagar-Kasarwadi-Bhosari-Chakan (Connecting Manufacturing Hub with IT hub)
  10. Working Signals at all major junctions
  11. Remove unwarranted circles and/or speed-breakers
  12. Empower police to take action against unruly commuters
  13. More importantly removing all encroachments from the footpaths and walkways
  14. Provide ample parking spaces i.e Multi level parking at the Toll collection space Wakad Chawk etc.
  15. Create the Multi mass transit route spanning across all three phases i.e. Consider the time boxed unidirectional transport ways combined with the mass transport like Tram. 

 To achieve everything above we will need government authorities, the traffic police and all of us together need to help our city. Please do something before it is too late. Our generation and next generation is going to suffer if we don't wake-up and do our duty as we should!!

Potential Savings 

1. Cars 100,000 wasting 2 hours per day Equals to normal travel to 120 kms, Add vehicle average 12 km/liter 100000*10*72= Rs72 Lacs/day-Rs720/day
Rs.216 crores per annum.

2. Time Value and social cost of 5lacs employees
Rs50000/month=2000/day=250/hr. or Rs500/day
Rs 7500/- crores per annum

3. Buses/Trucks plying on road 5000 i.e. 5000*10*72=3.5 lacks /day
Rs 100 crores per annum

4. Two Wheelers = 2000000 potential saving 2000000*2*72=2.88 crores per day
Rs.90 crores per annum

Total Potential Saving per annum if smooth transport and transit is planned = Rs7906 crores per annum 

Note: The cost of medical expenditure and mental stress and productivity loss is not factored in


For, Organizer & Convenor, #Free-Up-Hinjawadi Campaign