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Update, May 12: The trial last Sunday of the civil servant framed for regicide, Tyrion Lannister, was a farce and a mockery to Westerosi justice.

King Tommen Baratheon, though wise beyond his years, was under the thumb of his second-in-command, his grandfather Tywin Lannister, and was forced to recuse himself.

And under the despotic direction of Tywin, Westeros' once-proud judiciary sank to a new low. 

The prosecution called a series of dishonest witnesses who spewed lies after lies. Tyrion's earlier deeds and words in service of his country were twisted and perverted. 

Tyrion's elder brother, head of the king's security detail, Jamie Lannister, tried to interced on his behalf, and in doing so, revealed the extent of the judiciary's corruption.

Tywin, also Tyrion's father, told Jamie he had long planned to deem Tyrion guilty, and appeared unfazed that his daughter and Tyrion's sister, the former queen Cercei Lannister, had been manipulating court proceedings. 

To add humiliation to suffering, Tyrion's lover, a woman known only as Shae, was brought before the court and forced to lie. What was once an association borne out of love, Tyrion and Shae's relationship was twisted on the witness stand into perverse sadomasochism. 

Left with no choice, Tyrion invoked an age-old Westerosi clause, and elected to be trialed by combat.

It is yet unknown who will fight on Tyrion and the prosecution's behalves.

Update, May 8: As the civil servant Tyrion Lannister languishes in prison, his sister, the former queen Cercei Lannister, is using underhanded methods to undermine the judicial process.

Four weeks after Tyrion was arrested under trumped-up regicide charges, he is still being held in deplorable conditions, denied bail, representation and even a simple jury trial.

The regime is trying the civil servant with a council of three, all of whom Cercei tried to influence. The former queen met last week with all three members, and used a range of underhanded persuasion methods, some bordering on bribery.

This isn’t just about the fate of a lone Tyrion Lannister. His plight gives testament to the vast corruption that courses through our government, and its ripples have destroyed life after life.

Tyrion’s assistant, Podric Payne, was driven from his hometown due to his refusal to give false testimony on behalf of the prosecution; the head of security for the city, an associate of Tyrion, a man known only as Bronn, was stripped of his appointment; and the civil servant’s girlfriend, a woman known only as Shae, has disappeared.

The country has also suffered.

Robbed of a competent civil servant, the regime has also fallen into massive debt to a bank in the neighbouring territory of Braavos. The government is in complete disarray.

This is a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of government. Even the king’s head of security, Tyrion Lannister’s brother, Jamie Lannister, is powerless to aid the imprisoned civil servant.

Only this petition can make a difference. Please sign it, and let us #FreeTyrion Lannister.  

Update, April 22: One week has passed since the Westerosi civil servant Tyrion Lannister was framed for regicide, but as of Sunday, he still languishes in prison. The corrupt regime has not just denied him legal representation, but also a simple jury trial, a fundemental right any accused should have. 

The regime has instead invoked ancient, archaic laws to judge Lannister with a three-member council that obviously has vested interests in the trial. The council comprises the father-in-law of the man Lannister allegedly killed; a neighbouring monarch who hates the regime; and Lannister's own father, Tywin Lannister, who has hated him since birth. How can we trust them to make a fair judgement?

The regime has reached out to Lannister's assistant, Podrick Payne, in an attempt to sway his testimony. It is also investigating the former commander of the city's security forces, a man known only as Bronn, for no apparent reason other than his close ties to Lannister. Bronn is an officer in the army and a veteran of the Battle of Blackwater, but because of the investigation, he has been prevented from testifying on Lannister's behalf.  

In addition, the head of the secret service and a former associate of Lannister, Varys, who goes by one name, has been strongarmed into testifying for the prosecution. 

A new leader, King Tommen, now reigns over the small council. He may be young, but his dialogue with his second-in-command on Sunday has shown him to be wise beyond his predecessor. There may be justice yet for Lannister.

April 13: Tyrion Lannister is a Westerosi civil servant. He served in numerous cabinet-level positions, and was instrumental in his nation's victory in the Battle of Blackwater. This is a man who has given his country everything, but his country has forsaken him. On Sunday, Lannister was arrested on false charges of killing King Joffery.

This is not Lannister’s first brush with the corrupt judiciary. Months ago, he was accused of crippling Brandon Stark, the son of then-government official Eddard Stark. The elder Stark's wife then moved a motion to try Lannister in a court that happend to be presided by her sister. The move was a clear perversion of justice, and Lannister was denied representation until a man only known as Bronn took up his cause.

Lannister was eventually deemed not guilty, but, this time, he is not likely to come out on top. Regicide, the killing of a monarch, is punished heavily in Westeros, which still practices the death penalty. If we don't do something and come together to let our voices be heard, Lannister could very well lose his life over a crime he did not commit.

Before his arrest, Lannister held the post of a senior financial officer, and had single-handedly secured from a neighbouring territory the vast sum necessary to finance the recent royal wedding. Previously, Lannister was second-in-command to the King, and was heavily involved in all of the day-to-day running of the country.

While born into a wealthy family, Lannister had to prove his worth before rising through the ranks of government. Before taking up his position in the capital, Lannister was in charge of drains and toilets in his far-flung home province of Casterly Rock.

Lannister had endured great personal tragedy. When he was 13, his wife was raped and killed. Throughout the years, Lannister gained a reputation as a playboy and womanizer as he struggled to quell the heartache. He eventually found solace in a woman known only as Shae. Although passionate, that romance was short-lived — Shae's naivety and lack of knowledge of politics caused Lannister to drive her away.

This is a great man, a great patriot, who overcame dwarfism — and just recently, deformity — to rise in station just so he can serve the homeland he so loves.

Lannister would have gladly given his life for his country — but not like this. Sign this petition, my friends, and let us #FreeTyrion Lannister.

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