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Why this petition matters

Started by Justice Today

Free Andrew and Tristan Tate from Unjust Imprisonment - Due Process and Human Rights must be implemented 

We, the undersigned, call for all relevant bodies and governments to take action in relation to due process and the Human Rights of Andrew and Tristan Tate.

1. All relevant embassies including those of the US and the UK must ensure that the parties' rights are upheld and should intervene as a matter of urgency.

2. The rights afforded under the European Convention of Human Rights ('ECHR') must be upheld in relation to the Romanian investigation. 

3. Specifically, Articles 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the ECHR must not be disregarded: right to a fair trial, freedom from degrading treatment or punishment, right of liberty and security of person.

4. All related NGOs and civil action groups are called upon to take a stand for justice and human rights, especially as there should be no culpability for parties that use freedom of expression in criticising governments to be unjustly detained on the basis of scant evidence and abuse of process.

5. The investigation has spanned 10 months and despite this the prosecutor has not been able to gather enough evidence to prosecute, let alone convict. It is clear that this is a 'fishing expedition', whilst the prosecutor and DIICOT attempt to ‘find evidence’ against the brothers. A further example of injustice is the seizure of assets which are completely disproportionate to the value of the civil claim. 

6. The Judiciary, Prosecutor and DIICOT have acted unfairly in their detention of the Tate brothers when no new evidence was attained or presented, as confirmed at the hearing. 

7. Furthermore, the Tates' lawyers were unable to review and defend the contents of the initial case-file until 45 minutes prior to the first hearing of 30 December 2022, and were not given the full case-file until one day before the bail hearing. Despite it being only 1 day beforehand, this consisted of 17,000 pages of mostly irrelevant documents making it almost impossible to prepare a fair and reasonable defence by the allocated hearing time. 

8. The world is watching and there is little confidence in the Romanian judicial system based on these events, and indeed due to their history and reputation of widespread corruption. The UK and US should ensure their nationals are subject to the highest level of legal rights.

As such, we both petition and demand that Andrew and Tristan Tate be released by the next hearing of 27 February 2023.

220,810 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!