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WE WON!!!!!! Jamie and Gladys are going to be free!!! The Governor signed the paperwork.  It is only a matter of time before they smell freedom.  Thank  you EVERYONE for your support!!!! Happy New Year!!!


Jamie and Gladys Scott both went before the Mississippi Board of Pardons and Parole today. Results from this hearing are unknown at this time. Please continue to call and e-mail governor Haley Barbour's Office in support oftheir release. Each call and e-mail is very important!


*Contact Information For Governor Barbour*

 P.O. Box 139

 Jackson, Mississippi 39205




*Whether the Scott sisters are innocent or guilty, any reasonable person can see that the punishment they received does not fit the crime. In addition, Jamie Scott is very ill and suffering from stage 5 renal (kidney) failure. Currently, it’s up to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to commute their sentences and pardon them. *


*Each sister is currently serving double life sentences each for an $11 robbery – that's 4 life sentences between the two sisters. To date the sisters have been in prison 16 years. Let governor Barbour know that you 're seeking justice for the Scott sisters now!*



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