Free the Hares Boys!

Free the Hares Boys!

31 July 2013
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Israeli Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office
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Five Palestinian teenagers from Hares village in the occupied West Bank potentially face life in prison for a crime that may never have happened. Mohammad Suleiman, Ammar Souf, Mohammed Kleib, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi are being held in an Israeli adult military prison charged with 20 counts of attempted murder for alleged stone-throwing and 5 counts of stone-throwing each, with no evidence whatsoever.

The boys have been labelled as “terrorists” before any objective investigation even took place. They’ve been condemned in the Israeli media as guilty even before they “confessed” to stone-throwing under torture. They’ve been denied any sort of justice in the Israeli military court system that convicts Palestinian children at a 99.7% rate.

The Hares Boys have the right to live their young lives without the brutal military court system cutting them short in a mock judicial process. The Israeli government needs a scapegoat to appease illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank and are hoping that this high-profile case will result in long prison sentences for the boys.

We, as people of conscience, must stand together in protest of these crimes committed by a brutal, apartheid regime and its unjust military court system.

Please sign this petition demanding the freedom for the Hares Boys.

You can find more information about the case at: Hares Boys website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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This petition had 2,033 supporters

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  • Israeli Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office