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Free The Dolphins in Taiji

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Every year thousand of dolphins are being slaughtered and captured for amusement parcs ect.
This happens the most in Taiji, Japan. They kill the dolphins on a brutal way, a way that hurts your eyes!
They use dolphins for food and sell them to parcs to live a life in captivity what means a slower death by stress and unhappiness... It is been told that it is a tradition! It's toxic to eat dolphin because of the high mercury and they sell it under the name 'fish'. A useless foodindustrie!
There is no need to eat dolphins, choices enough to feed yourself with food that isn't endangered or is no hurt for our ocean or planet!

Taiji is so beautifull by nature, they can do so much more for making a living without killing dolphins.

This all has to stop

By signing you support my cause and all the other people and organisation who share the same dream and fighting for stopping this.
I've nothing agaist the Japanese people, I'm for a free ocean for whales and dolphins! If this doesn't stop, our childeren of the future will know them only by picture or videos as we know dinosaurs.

We all want to live in freedom and in a peacefull world, so do they!
We could learn a lot of them. Remember that...

Thank you for your time ...

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