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Wythe, VA - For 2 years, 12 or more dogs have been suffering in a feces and urine filled, flea infested 'box' at the home of Mr. Mike Thomas. A home that he does not, nor does he have permission to be there; a home that has no running water, electricity, or sewer; a home that he is squatting on. The authorities say that all of this is okay; the authorities ranging from Animal Control, to the County Administrator, to Building Code Enforcement, to the Health Department. Please visit for photos and more information on what you can do.

Letter to
Wythe County VA Officials, Virginia State Officials
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Wythe County VA Officials, Virginia State Officials.

Remove these dogs, Release Them To A Rescue, and Charge Mr. Thomas

The world is watching. You have ignored this situation for 2 years 2 long. You have failed to enforce the laws established to protect these animals.

Free these dogs, release them to a rescue, and charge Mr. Thomas. No less than this will be accepted.


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