Free the Banana: Say no to plastic packaging!

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We at the Free the Banana movement want to ask the UK's major supermarkets to stop selling bananas in plastic packaging! We lie at a crossroads, where if we continue to use plastics to the degree we do, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050...

Bananas do not belong in plastic bags! Their skins are their own natural wrappers, that protect the banana from damage; they come in bunches, so don't need a bag to aid their carrying or storage; and everyone can judge how ripe a banana is, so losing use-by dates would not be an issue. What's more, bananas sold in bags are more expensive per kilogram than loose ones! Need more convincing? 

In the UK, every year we consume 5 billion bananas! That's roughly 10kg per person, or 20 bunches, or...1 billion bags of bananas! These plastic bags alone equate to just under 2,000 tonnes of plastic each year, or 165 full double-decker buses! 

This must be stopped. Sign this petition and we can ask, as a nation, our supermarkets to make this simple and sustainable change to Free the Banana, and ditch pointless plastic packaging!

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