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New evidence from the Expendable Project ( proves the cover-up of the Australian Government while withholding critical information clearly indicating the innocence of Schapelle Corby, convicted for 20 years of a crime she didn't commit. As a consequence she must be released from the Balinese prison ASAP. Truth must prevail upon lies and together we can change an individual life. Spread the word globalwide.


  • Two Indonesian men who helped to behead three children on their way to school only got 14 years.
  • The Indonesian man who viciously stabbed to death Australian Heidi Murphy only got 15 years.

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Huang Zhen

Letter to
Free Corby Schapelle Initiative Schapelle Corby
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Schapelle Corby.

We humbly ask you to free Corby Schapelle from Bali's Kerobokan prison.

New evidence from the Expendable Project ( proves the cover up of the Australian Government and the innocence of Corby Schapelle.

She's convicted to 20 years because 4,2 kg of marijuana was found in her bag. However, with all respect to the Australian authorities and the Bali court, every outsider can clearly see that there was a huge imbalance between the certainty of her guilt from the prosecutor's site and the lack of willingness to investigate in every demand stemming from the defending site trying to prove her innocence.

Not one act of investigation has been made by the Australian police and the Balinese court in order to be able to make an unshakable right verdict. Justice (we strongly condemn drug crimes of whatever sort) demands an absolute certainty of the guilt of the accused. We only see here that there is an undeniable certainty of the presence of the marijuana in her bag but we also see an abundant lack of evidence that she has put it in the bag.

Furthermore Corby never used drugs, refuses until today to even contemplate a plea bargain despite sentencing advantages. And without mentioning all the facts, shortly and simply put, it's totally illogical to smuggle marijuana to a country where it is worth a tiny fraction of its Australian value. All the objective facts make no sense.

She suffered enough and Indonesia made it's point and the world clear that drug crime will be punished severely.

Therefore and also due to her psychological situation of severe depression we humbly ask you to let her go and to make a human gesture that will be seen and spoken of in the whole world.

PS - Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that . . .

1/ Most of the Bali Bombers are free.
2/ Two Indonesian men who helped to behead three children on their way to school only got 14 years.
3/ The Indonesian man who viciously stabbed to death Australian Heidi Murphy only got 15 years.
4/ The Bali prison boss who was discovered trafficking drugs only got 4 years.
5/ Schapelle had no criminal record and no criminal profile.

We thank you for reading this letter and for considering our request.