Free Red Fawn

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Free Red Fawn

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On Oct 27th, police raided the frontlines of the Standing Rock resistance. That day, Red Fawn was serving as a trained medic, helping those that had been hit by tear gas and rubber bullets. 

During the raid, three officers tackled Red Fawn and threw her to the ground. One officer pulled his weapon and placed it against her back. While she was pinned to the ground, police allege shots were fired. Red Fawn is being accused of firing a weapon. 

Eyewitness accounts and video show otherwise

At a press conference, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said he, “Couldn't confirm any shots were fired by water protectors on Oct. 27.”

More than 140 people were arrested that day. Water protectors were strip searched, placed in cages and their bails were raised from $200 to $1,500. Red Fawn’s bail stands at $110,000 and she is facing up to 20 years in prison.

Immediate Ask

We are asking North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple for the immediate release of Red Fawn.

Tweet to @NDGov

To @NDGov Gov. Jack Dalrymple, I am asking for the immediate release of Red Fawn. Her detention is unlawful & an abuse of power #FreeRedFawn

Standing Rock

Since the inception of the Standing Rock resistance, Red Fawn has stood with her brothers and sisters, inspiring many to stand tall amidst police brutality, the desecration of sacred sites, and the destruction of sacred symbols. 

The frontline camp was named the "1851 Treaty Camp" and honored the original Treaty signed by the U.S. Federal Government, granting them that very land. As has been the case with nearly every Treaty signed between Native Americans and the U.S. Federal Government, the Treaty was not honored. Today, much of their land belongs to wealthy cattle ranchers.

The Ongoing Fight

Still in custody, Red Fawn is political prisoner of Standing Rock. She joins a long legacy of people who have been arrested or murdered as figureheads in movements, and who have been unjustly accused.

Although the opposition has been fierce, often using illegal tactics, and continuing to harm the water protectors - we will not back down. We will ensure that justice is served for Red Fawn. We will continue to expose the Black Snake for what it is; a lie and the further exploitation of indigenous people and our land. 

How else can you help? 

In a show of unity and solidarity, we are asking all water protectors wear red on Fridays for Red Fawn Fridays until she is free. Upload your photos on social media using #FreeRedFawn

Help her fight the charges: Her legal battles are going to be long and expensive. Red Fawn is innocent of these charges, and deserves to be free.

Donate to her legal fund HERE

Sign this petition. Tell your friends. Come to Standing Rock. 

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This petition had 11,663 supporters