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The struggle to free Patricia Wright before she dies in prison continues: Sign the petition asking theLos Angeles County District Attorney to support the recall of Patricia's sentence so that Governor Brown can release her. Thank you for your compassion.  



  Ms. Patricia Wright suffers terribly from Stage 4 cancer with days to live and is requesting a compassionate release to be with her family in her final stages of this terminal disease. Ms. Wright is also blind and has been since in her teens.  

Although, Ms. Wright was "sentenced to life without the possibility of parole" she has maintained her innocence of the crime of  which she has been convicted  and no physical or forensic evidence connects Wright to the crime.  Even the purported witnesses to the alleged crime have since come forward admitting that they lied because they were angry with Ms. Wright.  
Ms Wright is close to death and poses no threat to society. She is a financial burden to the State and can be safely released with no threat to public safety. Please allow her family to care for her in her final days, and  grant her a compassionate release.

Letter to
Los Angeles County District Attorney Steven Cooley
Steve Cooley
Los Angeles County District Attorney
210 W. Temple Street, ste 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

re: Patricia Wright, W-79941

Dear Mr. Cooley,
We hereby request that your office withdraw any opposition to the recall of sentencing for Ms. Wright and instead support that recall. Ms Wright is dying of cancer and will be eligible for release once she is resentenced to 25 years to life. The Board of Parole hearings and Governor Brown’s office have indicated their willingness to grant a compassionate release should her sentence be changed.
Ms Wright has a loving family who are willing to undertake her care and bear the financial burden of her last days. Please do not stand in the way of a compassionate release for this woman and her family.
Thank you for your assistance in this case.

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