Free Parking for Immediate Family Members of ALL Hospital Patients

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Immediate family members paying for parking at Hospitals that are billing the insurance company thousands of dollars, sometimes millions of dollars as in our son’s case, for care, must stop.

Parents spend many weeks, sometimes well over a month, in a hospital getting the help they need to help their children survive. Parents are staying at the hospital 24/7 making the hospital staffs job so much easier. They lose their jobs, houses and many other things they will sacrifice to help fight for their baby’s lives. We have spent a combined total of several months, if not a year, in the hospital for our special needs son with Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome in the last 23 years.

Some families only have one family member that can visit and help them in their time of need. The stress already is more than most people can imagine, and then to also worry about parking, is sad but a reality.

Parents must pay for their food and drinks while they are there, when they run out of their own groceries. There is only so much food and drinks that you can bring at once. Then you must decide to pay the $ 12 per 4 hours rate to run to the store to restock or pay for their food. Which adds another $12 when you return for over 4 hours.


TCH Parking Fees
"$5 for the first hour and gradual increases up to $12 per 24-hour period." FALSE

Actual cost is $ 12 after 4 hours and does not include any in and out privileges. TRUTH

Patients need family moral support while going through these times to help to stay mentally strong. On our last visit, I had friends and immediate family members tell me they could not afford to visit more because of the outrageous parking cost. It does add up and hard to argue. Of course, there is a $ 5 parking spot down the street where you have a greater chance of being mugged or your car broken in to. Even the thieves rob you while you are in the hospital!

Hospitals can cover the cost and I am sure they will add it to the insurance bill.

Example of what is billed to your insurance company while parents still must pay for parking. This is only one thing, click on the Readers Digest link to get a few more that will make you sick to your stomach. That is a whole different battle for someone else to fight.

Readers Digest

"Charge to patient: $53 per non-sterile pair (sterile are higher), for a total of $5,141 during average patient stay" (Which is $ 26,500 for box of 1,000)

Box of equivalent gloves at Health Care Supply Pros (random place when I searched online, no affiliation) cost for a box of non-sterile gloves, is $ 64.99. (Which is $ .13 a pair for a box of 1000) Which gives them a ballpark profit, on this example, of $ 26,435.01 on ONE BOX of gloves.

We were told at a hospital, very recently, that they do not write down every pair of gloves and bill your insurance company. She said when the box runs out, they put the charge for the next box on whoever needs them next. WOW

Reducing their profit on parking, to immediate family members, is so minimal that it will not affect their overall income and is a great contribution to the parents in their community and most likely a write-off on their taxes! They can cover the profit they are losing by purchasing one box of gloves from anybody else on line.

Proposed Solution:

The immediate family members of the patient, including parents and siblings, should have their parking validated by the hospital or the parking organization that is partnering with the hospital.

A simple chip for family members would be easy to manage. They could start now by giving in and out privileges to families living in the hospital for more that a few days.