Dog protecting his family is ordered by Judge to be euthanized in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Olaff is a 4 year old Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull) who had been at the local Animal Control three separate times in his short life. Enough to make any dog aggressive. However, not Olaff! In a kill shelter that is known for labeling their Pit Bulls as aggressive, Olaff had never been labeled anything but fearful. He was a staff favorite and even had Rescue interest when he was adopted by his forever family. It was a match made in heaven and they all quickly fell in love! His family consists of seven children, another dog and a bunny. Olaff immediately became part of the family and was their protector right from the first day. He had a particularly special bond with one of the girls who is special needs and doesn't usually bond with anyone.

2 of Olaff's sisters (12 and 14 yrs old) were leaving their house to take him for a potty break, when a man that they recognized as a person whom had threatened to kill Olaff if he ever bit him, rode up on his bicycle. As the man rode into their yard, Olaff  became tense, he could sense the girls' trepidation and felt impending danger. As the man slowly rode his bike through their yard in what can only be considered an attempt to intimidate the girls and Olaff, Olaff quickly bit him. The girls were surprised as he has never bit anyone or shown any type of aggression before, they pulled him on his leash back into the house. He was ordered to be quarantined at Animal Control and his family was not allowed to visit him. When the quarantine was up there was a court hearing and the man whom, had changed his story several times, ultimately lied under oath. The Judge ordered Olaff to be destroyed on or after October 15th. Under Texas laws, Olaff does not meet the requirements to be euthanized. He was on a leash and under the control of the girls. He has never been deemed a "dangerous dog" and he did not cause a death. Most importantly he was on his own property. Olaff's owner is distraught, as are her children. She is filing an appeal to ask the Judge overturn his decision. Please join us in signing this petition to show the Judge that a dog protecting his family does not deserve the death penalty.