Free Michael Thompson

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His name is Michael Thompson. In 1994 he sold weed to an undercover informant in Michigan. He has been in prison ever since. It has been 25 years. And he still has 35 years left to serve. Michael is 68 years old now. In other words, he was given a life sentence for selling weed.

His mother, his father and his only son died while he was in prison. And recreational marijuana has been legalized in Michigan. Now we’re going to fight to get Michael free. We can do it. We must.

Earlier this year Michael Thompson’s legal team submitted his clemency petition to the Michigan parole board. Over 20,000 of you joined their calls to support Michael's request for release, and your many emails and calls pushed the County Prosecutor, David Leyton to support Michael's clemency petition, stating that Michael's sentence "goes against the interests of justice and fairness."

Additionally, the Michigan Department of Corrections is now facing unprecedented challenges to prisoner health and safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael as a 68 year old with Type 2 diabetes is uniquely vulnerable to life-threatening complications of the virus.

Now, more than ever, we need your help to set Michael free. Don't let a cannabis sentence become a death sentence for Michael. Make your voice heard and FREE MICHAEL THOMPSON NOW!

All information credited from they are the only petition I have found for this innocent mans situation so I have decided to make his name more heard.