Free Mariana Mamonova, 8-Months Pregnant Ukrainian Woman, From Russian Captivity

Free Mariana Mamonova, 8-Months Pregnant Ukrainian Woman, From Russian Captivity

August 15, 2022
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First Lady Jill Biden
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Started by Ruslana D

Please help us release 8-months pregnant Ukrainian medical professional, Mariana Mamonova, who was performing her duty in Mariupol (Ukraine) when taken as war prisoner, from Russian captivity. 

This petition is an urgent plea for help from First Lady, Jill Biden, in locating and freeing a Ukrainian citizen, medical captain, 8-months pregnant woman, Mariana Volodymyrivna Mamonova from captivity by Russian forces. Mariana, who was on duty in Mariupol, Ukraine when imprisoned by Russia, is about 8 months (close to 9 months) pregnant and requires proper prenatal care along with needing to be reunited with her family in her home country, Ukraine. It is well known that Russia doesn’t adhere to international agreements and laws in treatment of its war prisoners, and we are unclear if Mariana is receiving proper care with her condition. As the other war prisoners have reported being subjected to starvation, dehydration, emotional and even physical abuse, we are scared for Mariana and her baby’s lives!

Mariana Mamonova was born in 1991 in Rivne oblast, Ukraine. She is a 31-year-old medical professional, who was on duty in Mariupol during the time she and others were captured by Russian troops.  Before her imprisonment she was last known to be in Mariupol at the plant named after Illich in April, 2022. Mariana is believed to be imprisoned in Donetsk oblast. 

We believe that First Lady, Jill Biden, who is mother and grandmother herself, can relate to pregnant Mariana’s story. First Lady Jill Biden can contact First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and request her to personally oversee Mariana’s case. Both of the First Ladies are mothers and know how hard it is to carry and deliver a child. Now imagine doing that in Russian captivity… They can help us save the life of this women and her unborn child. In this dark world with so much evil and indifference we truly hope there are people who care, people who will help bring this woman back home. Please-please help us find and save Mariana! Every day counts and we are asking for your immediate support (by signing this petition) before it is too late!

Thank you for all your continued support of Ukraine.


People who care 

P.S. We have attached a picture of Marianna (source: social media).



This petition made change with 5,873 supporters!

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