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See My Magic has been living a tiny, barren stall tucked into the woods for more than 2 years. All alone.....solitary confinement. This gentle horse has not been outside of his 10 x 10 cell in at least 2 years - many neighbors say it has been much longer. All day he sits staring from the bars into the world. Neighbors hear him cry for help. Many have pleaded with the owners to let Magic go to a sanctuary, neighbors have offered to exercise Magic, neighbors have offered to take Magic into their own paddocks. To no avail. The owner is demanding $20,000 for the purchase of Magic.

Please read more about Magics story here from Animal News Northwest and see images of his sad, isolated life.

See My Magic is a Tennessee Walking horse. One of the customs for a Tennessee Walker is to put these horses on very high blocks with long nails digging into their sensitive feet. In the show world when these horses are competing this extreme pain of walking causes the horse to high step in an attempt to avoid this horrific agony. Although Magic has not been outside in years he continues to have these shoes put on him every 3 - 4 months. Magic is not only a herd animal living in solitary confinement and not allowed outside - he is being tortured by this very controversial practice - for no reason!

It is clear from his cries and frequent inspections of his filthy stall, that Magic is suffering greatly. Pierce County Animal Control refuses to step in and do anything more than 'suggest' to the owners that they exercise Magic.

Please help us to get Magic away from these owners and out of this hidden torture chamber. We must be the voice for the voiceless, we must hear the cries of the vulnerable. Please don't let Magic's cries be in vain.

There is a GOFUNDME page set up to purchase Magic.  If you can please donate:

In any case - thank you SO much for taking the time to sign this petition.  I hope Magic can feel all of the love that is being generated for him.

Please follow our facebook page:

Please write to Pierce Animal Control with a complaint:

Here is the info.

The Pierce Co Animal Control office is a division of the Pierce Co Auditors Office
Julie Anderson   - Auditor

Brian Boman
Animal Control Supervisor

To file a complaint please go to:

You will have to state a reason. To my belief this falls under neglect. I went round and round with Brian Boman on this but this is what the Animal Cruelty law states:

RCW 16.52.207
Animal cruelty in the second degree—Penalty.

(a) Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, space, or medical attention and the animal suffers unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain as a result of the failure;

To me this is a bit vague. I would argue that Magic IS suffering unjustifiable pain by being confined for this length of time and being on those performance shoes.

The owners address is required to report and is public info.

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